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EMCO High Voltage Corporation Joins Forces with XP Power

EMCO Joins Forces with XP Power

EMCO High Voltage Corporation has announced that it has joined forces with XP Power via acquisition, forming the new XP EMCO division of XP Power.

With 27 sales offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia, XP Power offers a wide range of power products worldwide, including AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters. XP’s Engineered Solutions teams deliver customer-specific solutions with rapid response times, and the company’s applications team provides expert technical support to help customers integrate and use XP power products. XP EMCO supplies the industrial, defense, scientific and medical sectors with a broad selection of standard, modified and custom high voltage products.

Mike Doherty, CEO of EMCO and now VP at XP Power, said, “We’re thrilled to join XP Power. With their support, we are able to accelerate our research and product development activities, while leveraging XP’s global direct sales channel to reach new markets under the new XP EMCO brand.”

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