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EMCO High Voltage Corp., headquartered in Sutter Creek, was honored by principals from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a "Key Partner Award", recognizing EMCO as a key supplier to Project ICECUBE. Project ICECUBE is currently under construction at the South Pole and will be the world’s largest scientific instrument when completed. The award recognizes EMCO’s exceptional design, reliability, and delivery. Executives, guests and EMCO employees attended the award presentation luncheon on August 14, 2006

Jim Haugen, Instrumentation Engineering Manager, and Mike Zernick, Quality Manager of Project Ice Cube presented the award to EMCO executives Mike Doherty, Chief Operating Officer, Mike Janto, Senior Program Manager; and David Blair, Engineering Manager L to R Mike Janto, Dave Blair, Mike Doherty, Jim Haugen, Mike Zernick

EMCO was selected for the award because of the company's design and manufacture of the high voltage DC power supplies used in 5,000 Digital Optical Modules buried two kilometers deep in the Antarctic polar ice at the South Pole. EMCO's custom devices must survive for more than 20 years in the South Pole's harsh environment. There, they are buried in deep ice at minus 40 degree centigrade, with no opportunity for repair. As only a three-month work window exists at the South Pole each year, on-time delivery was vital, and the manufacturing team at EMCO successfully met this challenge.

EMCO's Miniature High Voltage Power Supply
Project ICECUBE is currently under construction at the South Pole. Funded by the National Science Foundation and operated by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it will be available for astrophysicists and other scientists around the world to conduct research on heavy neutrinos. These elusive messengers from deep space hold many answers to the origins of the universe and the big bang theory according to scientific experts.

"Key Partner Award"
EMCO High Voltage Corp. specializes in the design and manufacture of high voltage power supplies for original equipment manufacturers, research laboratories and educational institutions worldwide. EMCO produces products used in medical equipment; ship and aircraft navigational systems; detection devices for homeland security, lasers and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other high tech electronic equipment.

EMCO's leading designs have garnered several product awards including: 2001 Most Innovative New Product of the Year in the field of electrical engineering from the University of California, Davis; 1999 Product of the Year from Electronic Products Magazine; 1998 Runner-Up Product of the Year from Electronic Engineering Product News; six recent editors choice awards from Electronic Products Magazine. and the Governor of California’s “Older Worker Recognition, Employer Excellence Award.”