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Tony Gerillo Appointed New Sales and Marketing Director 
We are pleased to announce that Tony Gerillo has been promoted to sales and marketing director. 


Tony has been an account manager at EMCO for three years. Prior to joining EMCO, Tony held positions as a sales and marketing manager and as an independent manufacturer's representative. He brings decades of experience to the EMCO sales team and management group. 


With a background in advanced materials, specifically engineered ceramics, Tony is well versed in high voltage markets and technologies.  He is tasked with expanding the sales division through customer advocacy with highly technical and quality-driven product assistance. 


Tony now manages the direct sales, marketing, and customer service departments along with a group of over twenty distributors in more than thirty countries.


Featured Product

Custom and Semi-Custom Solutions


EMCO High Voltage has developed hundreds of custom and semi-custom high voltage power supplies over our 45 years in the industry. 


Designing a new custom unit can be as simple as adding features to a current standard product or developing a completely new power supply.  EMCO's standard product range allows us to modify products quickly to fulfil customers' requirements.


All of our development programs come with design assistance provided by an assigned project engineer who will take the project from concept to fruition. Providing us with as much detail as possible, having direct communications with our development engineers, and taking advantage of our technical resources and equipment will ensure you receive a high-quality power supply that meets your specifications.


Contact an EMCO sales engineer to begin the process of developing your application-specific power supply.

Featured High Voltage Application

Scientific Instrumentation


Regardless of the field of study, ensuring the validity and integrity of scientific research depends upon accurate data collection. Implementing appropriate quality assurance protocol and selecting the most precise instrumentation are instrumental to safeguarding the data collection process.


When developing today's advanced scientific instruments, designers require high voltage power supplies that integrate seamlessly into the design while providing clean and reliable high voltage.


EMCO designs and manufactures precision power supplies with demanding applications in mind. EMCO's power supplies feature low output ripple, low EMI/RFI, and very low noise. Ultra-miniature and low-profile modules provide customers with a space-saving solution when designing compact scientific equipment.


Contact an EMCO sales engineer to discuss your specific application and learn whether a standard, semi-custom, or custom product may best meet your project's specifications.

New Application Note

EMCO recently released a new application note. "High Voltage and Load Current Monitors" discusses how high voltage and load current monitors function with EMCO products. The application note covers voltage monitoring and current monitoring for both positive and negative outputs. Measured performance data is provided for specific implementations.


Download "High Voltage and Load Current Monitors" (PDF) from the EMCO website.

To learn more about EMCO High Voltage Corporation, our products, and our capabilities, please call our toll-free number (1-800-546-3680), send us an email at sales@emcohv.com, or visit our website at emcohighvoltage.com.