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Our high voltage DC power supply products meet a wide range of high performance demands. From precision analytic instruments to mission-critical equipment, our customers’ applications all have one thing in common: the need to deliver consistent performance without fail. For over 40 years, EMCO High Voltage Corporation has been meeting and exceeding the requirements of our customers. Whether you are developing sensitive laboratory instruments or scientific equipment that must perform under the most rugged conditions, you can depend on our products to fulfill your need for high performance and reliability. Please browse the categories below to learn more.

EMCO Regulated Products high voltage precision DC power supplies


Precision DC power supplies that feature easy external control and design-in.

EMCO Regulated Products high voltage precision DC power supplies


Provides versatile low cost DC to high voltage DC conversion with proven reliability.

EMCO Proportional Products versatile low cost DC to high voltage DC conversion


Let EMCO design a custom or semi-custom power supply that meets your project's individual specifications. We have experience designing high voltage products for a broad spectrum of applications, from satellite communications systems to precision scientific instruments. AC inputs are also available.

Please contact our knowledgeable sales representatives to learn more or to request a custom quote.

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